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Selina – our creative head

I’m Selina, 20 years old and study History at the University of Klagenfurt. In my free time you can barely find me without my camera – taking unexpected shots of people as well as nature and things in general. During summer I like to swim and enjoy the sun, listening to music and drawing surreal objects can also be considered as my favorite hobbies.
What do I like about youth projects?
I love to get to know the other participants and their culture during projects. To make new friends and to work against prejudices as well as getting to know new traditions are the aspects I like the most.
What have I experienced by taking part in YPs?
I got to know several foreign cultures and learned some interesting facts about traditions in other countries. Further I learned a few words in Turkish, Lithuanian and Hungarian. I experienced that it is not easy to organize a project – even though I haven’t done it by myself – but observing others doing it, made me realize how much effort it is to create a great experience for youngsters.

Why am I part of wEUnite?/Who told me about it?
As my sister is one of the founders of this NGO I was one of the
first ones to hear about it, to see it being created and grow. 

Selina is the one who creates the posters for our projects – which some of you have already seen 🙂 She’s a great help with that and we don’t ever want to miss her in our team.

Alex T. & Manuel E.

My name is Alex, I’m 21 years old and studying Educational and PedagogicalScience at the Alpen-Adria-Universität in Klagenfurt. In my leisure time I enjoy, if possible, travelling and I spend lots of time with my friends. In addition reading, listening to music and experementing with video and music software.

What do I like about youth projects?
I love the opportunity to meet new people from whole Europe, creating new friendships and meeting interesting people. In addition I really appreciate the concept of non-formal learning and how it is used to teach sometimes really complicated topics in an easy way.
What have I experienced by taking part in YPs?
I’ve learnt so much about different cultures and so many tools about different topics. The YPs were also a great opportunity to develop myself, I discerned my strengths and trained them during the YPs. I also met so many interesting people.
Why am I part of wEUnite?/Who told me about it?
It was pure coincidence that I met Tini through a mutual friend and some time after we met I was offered to take part in the first YP organized by wEUnite. I’ve heard a lot about YPs before and was really glad for that opportunity. I really enjoyed working with the people of wEUnite so I decided to become a part of it.

Hey! My name is Manuel, I am 21 years old and a student at the Technical University of Vienna studying Computer sciences. You can guess it, I like to play with computers and other technical devices as well as Mathematics and other scientific subjects. Beside my nerdy side I like sports as running, biking and swimming. And, as most Austrians do, I like skiing.

What do I like about youth projects?
It’s great for meeting new people, especially international students. It is interesting to get to know about their culture and also to find some things I have in common with them.
What have I experienced by taking part in YPs?
I experienced that people are way more forgiving and supportive during their participation on YPs. I think this is because everyone gets an unbiased and fresh start to learn and teach about sophisticated topics. Also I was a lot more open minded after the project and I felt kind of recharged.
Why am I part of wEUnite?/Who told me about it?
An old friend of mine is one of the founders of wEUnite. I don’t know how she knew but I like it, a lot. I think wEUnite is doing great work when it comes to giving people a change to get better in whatever they do. Where else can you find so many different cultures and people joined together so easily. I am happy to be a part of it.

Matthias & Maria

Name: Matthias
Age: 18
Studies: electronics and informatics
Hobbies: friends, crafting and music

What do I like about youth projects?
It’s nice to meet new and already known people at the projects. I like the new friendships you create and I think it’s amazing how much this projects can change you and your point of view.

What have I experienced by taking part in YPs?

A lot of funny and happy moments. Interesting skills and pure humanity.

Why am I part of wEUnite?
By a coincidence I did some help at a project and got a desire for more. It’s the socializing that enthrals me.

My name is Maria and I am 27 years old. My main studies are Culture Sciene and Media Communication. Art, music, sports, sociology and exploring different cultures are my hobbies.

I am very lucky to grab the chance to be part of some training courses of Erasmus+ and I am very proud of it. For me it means a lot to get to know many very different people from very different cultures, backgrounds and livings. I have won a numerous great experiences. It breaks all the self-established opinions you have in your mind. This means a lot to me and my life to live more freely and make life more attractive and fancy.

How it started? Why am I part of wEUnite?
It began 2 years ago, when I was looking for an opportunity to go abroad. I made an appointment at the Landesjugendreferat Kärnten und afterwards, they send me a lot of training offers and youth projects. With time, I got connected with more and more people interested and working in this field – and most importantly, with wEUnite. Luckily, I met the two girls, Tini and Nina, who found their own NGO last year and I am very happy to know them. I also was asked to join their training courses and be part of wEUnite. Within wEUnite I created a lot of special memories, which make my life more adorable and precious.

Who’s wEunite?

Some of you definitely wondered who’s behind this organization of wEUnite, right? Well, we are a group of young people who love to see the world and giving other young people the opportunity to explore other cultures too. 
But that was enough talking, to get some idea of what we do and who we are, watch this lovely video:

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What we have done so far

Although wEUnite is a pretty young organization, we managed to do a lot within the first year – but enough talking, have a look at the pictures to get an impression 🙂

Before our first youth exchange „BalanceYourself“

First day with all our participants at „BalanceYourself“

A lot of work ahead…

Exploring culture in Klagenfurt

wEUnite visits friends in Turkey

wEUnite visits friends in Lithuania

Exploring lithuanian culture on the Independence day