Chari(Tea)Time – Guitar Lessons

Chari(Tea)Time – Guitar Lessons

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our group members used their time in quarantine, to work on old and new skills. One area of skills that was prominent with young people around us was music. We wanted to spread joy through music, instead of spreading the virus.

Since learning new instrument is challenging on your own, the ESC project „chari(tea)time“ provided our members with guitar lessons from a professional and educated guitar teacher – RIZKO. Witin the Chari(tea)Time project, several young, lucky and interested young people got the chance to learn from a professional musician and develop their musical skills.

Rizko has been teaching the guitar for a long time, his motivation comes from the desire to spread joy and happiness: „In this world that evolves around phones, screens and social media, things move by so fast and it’s easy to lose connection with yourself. The guitar is something different. It forces you to calm down, focus and develops your mind in a different way. Its a great pleasure for me to open up new worlds to students. Music is special and magical. It gives you joy and puts a smile on your face like nothing else.“ RIZKO

The guitar students came from different backgrounds such as total beginners and already established guitar players. RIZKO helped them to develop new knowledge in lessons adapted to every student´s levels, needs and wishes.

„As a total beginner, trying to play the guitar was a real challenge for me. Thanks to Rizko I got a good sense of how to approach learning an instrument from scratch. Already after the first lesson with him, I could improve the positioning of my hand and my posture, which made playing much more enjoyable. Rizko is a great teacher as he brings in the right amount of challenge and patience, which makes his guitar lessons instructive and fun at the same time. I would be happy to go on with guitar lessons to further improve my skills.“ – SARAH

Sarah with Rizko

Not everybody was a beginner, Selina for example already took lessons before, but had gotten a bit rusty over the years:
„About a month ago I had my first guitar lesson with RIZKO, in which he first checked whether and what I could already play. Since I had guitar lessons about 15 years ago, I could still play about 4 chords, but not a piece. With this knowledge, he adapted the following guitar lessons to my needs and knowledge. Besides new chords, I also learned a bit more about my guitar itself, about correct strumming and plucking techniques. It would be great if I could take a few more guitar lessons with RIZKO, as I rediscovered my love for playing through his well-prepared lessons and his adaptation to my needs.“ Selina

Selina with Rizko

Since people we reach and who reach out to us are spread all over the world, some lessons took place online. Jessica for example participated via Video Chat from China.

„Even though the guitar lessons with Rizko were online, I got the chance to finally learn to play the guitar from a professional teacher. Rizko is very patient and helpful in all musical aspects. He taught me not only how to properly hold the guitar so I can finally play without cramps, but further gave me incredible insights on music theory. I am thankful to Chari(Tea)Time to make my musical education possible.“ Jessica

Stefan was also not a newbie on the instrument, but the motivation to practise was missing during every day life stress. He took advantage of the lessons on the electric guitar and found new motivation to practise, and therefore progressed rather quickly.

„Since taking the (Chari)Tea-Time guitar lessons I have already improved my guitar skills significantly, even after only a couple of lessons. Taking lessons motivates me to practice more regularly and I also learn more guitar theory(notes, scales, etc.). Rizko is an incredibly skilled guitar player and a great teacher, I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take up lessons.“ Stefan

Stefan with Rizko

Rizko describes his experience in the Chari(Tea)Time guitar lessons:
„Teaching the students with different backgrounds has given me great pleasure, especially seeing them smile when they make progress and come a step closer to their goals. In the end, music is about having fun and sharing the positive vibes that come with it.“ RIZKO

If you are interested in learning the guitar from our lovely teacher, send an Email to and get inspired!