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#MusicMakesFeelings – our follow-up

After the youth exchange „Music Makes Feelings“ in Rijeka/Croatia (read about this project here) we were supposed to come up with some kind of follow-up, to spread the things we have learned and experienced in the project. 

As the title already suggests, this project was about music connected to feelings. This is why we decided to use social networks to spread music and share which feelings certain songs bring up. What we did was the following: we started a chain to post a favorite song and to share why this specific song is important to you. Some people have connected their songs to their first love, others to a special experience or memory, and some chose a song that makes them happy and cheerful. In any case, music makes all kind of different feelings – and this is what we wanted to show and spread.

We started our chain with the Austrian team and nominated further people to continue the trend. As a sign for our follow-up we used the hashtag #musicmakesfeelings 

As usual with such kind of online activities, not everyone feels motivated to continue this trend and share their songs and feelings, even if they were nominated to do so. But this is something we have learned from it 🙂 

It was a good experience for us to find an idea and try to make it work – we really hope that you listened to some of the shared songs and got positive vibes out of it!

Continue having good feelings with music and spread them amongst your friends 🙂

And here is the official project video in case you are curious what we did there and how we made music and feelings in Croatia MusicMakesFeelings-Video

Manuel G., Nina, Tini, Marion, Pato, Manuel E.