wEUnite in Ireland!

wEUnite in Ireland!

Tini, Manuel, Sarah and Daniel went on a project to Ireland for 9 days (29.10.-07.11.2015). There they learnt something about social media, the Irish culture but also they made new friends and had the chance to see parts of the country. 
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The reason for going there was a training course organized by „the traveller voice magazine“ under the topic „in yer face(book)“. This TC aimed to work on the proper use of social media and to create awareness about cyber-bullying, racism and slander in the web as well as policies of the most common social media platforms. „As I am very interested in any kind of social media due to my studies I decided to apply to participate“, said Sarah who participated in an Erasmus+ Project for the first time.
Manuel, who recently joined wEUnite said „The reason why I wanted to join the project in Ireland – besides seeing this wonderful country – was to gain new perspectives concerning Social Media nowadays and also to learn new techniques to work with people in a team“ – and after the project he told us that his expectations were met.

„I got the chance to meet new people and got to know my friends even better“
  â€žthe grass is so green it’s unbelieveable“ and „it looks like a golf court“ were sentences that were said quite often during their stay in this beautiful country.

Irish culture and traditions were explored during the 3 days-stay in Dublin and several excursions to famous ancient sights that are located in Meath and Lough, such as Newgrange, Drogheda and the seaside were made. „I got to know different kinds of cultural insights especially as some travellers joined our group and explained several aspects of their unique culture and traditions.“
They all say, that they’ve learnt a variety of new skills throughout this week. Daniel explained „the week in Newgrange met my expectations as I was able to develop new thoughts about inter-human exchange both online and offline in various discussions with peers from the other participating countries.“

The intercultural experiences they made included singing Irish songs about the “drunk lifestyle” as well as touching the boobs of the Molly Malone statue in the centre of Dublin for good luck. A whiskey tasting and twisting our tongues while trying to speak Polish were also parts of their trip and cultural exchange that they will definitely remember. „I enjoyed the intercultural night very much, as I learned various dances from other cultures“, stated Tini. The opportunity to try some new drinks from other cultures was also quite appreciated by our group.

All of them are keen on visiting Ireland again – for another project or to visit new-made friends.