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What happened meanwhile..

In case you have been wondering why it was so unusually quiet on our blog as well as our Facebookpage … we worked on new projects and travelled to create new partnerships and get even more ideas to apply for even more projects for you 🙂

Right after our KeepCalm! training course in February we wrote the final report for it, worked on the budget and last but not least – made this amazing video. As you can see we had a great time!

As we got so much energy from the project we decided „Hey! Let’s write some more projects and apply!“ – once said, we directly started working on them. The first training course – that hopefully will be approved – is called „DesireToInspire“ and will be all about leadership. Why leadership? Well, in youth work it is a highly relevant to work with groups and in order to be even better at what we all do, we want to give you some more tools. Doesn’t that sound great?

But of course one project alone is never ever enough for us, and because of all the questions we got on our previous projects, we came up with „Project 101“, which will deal with project designing. Most of you have been on one or more youth exchanges or training courses or have heard about those cool things. The question you asked us was: how does it all work? What is going on behind the scenes? Does a project last for one week only? How do you prepare everything? Who actually pays for Erasmus+ projects and how can we get the money? The most important question for us, though, was „Can I do that as well?“ – yes, yes and yes! You all can – and this is why we applied with this project, to show and tell you everything you need to know about project designing in Erasmus+ – and of course many lovely new projects will be born on this training course 🙂

After we successfully submitted our applications, wEUnite went to Estonia!

Having applied for many different seminars, Nina got chosen to take part in a seminar/study visit/training course, called „Formal-Non-Formal“, in Tartu/Estonia. Being there she met friends from previous projects – always a cool side-effect! getting to know people from everywhere and meeting them again – and also new partners. Moreover, she experienced the culture a little as well as the education system in Estonia, which is very different from what she was used to from Austria. Having spent 6 days in Tartu, another projects was being born – ENTERpreneurship, which will be applied at the next deadline. Until then, wEUnite, will work with its new partners from Estonia, Portugal, Turkey and Scottland to make this idea something real.

„Estonia is a really nice country! I didn’t have too much time for sight-seeing, but it was definitely worth the trip. (and I can imagine going back there to see a little more of the country) I have learnt many new things for my youth-work but also for my studies in those days. Not only did I get new ideas for projects and more knowledge about different educational systems, but also did I meet people from different countries and learnt about their countries, cultures and languages. While reflecting the intense days and writing the youthpass, I realized how much I improved myself in

certain aspects. Also, I met great people that I am looking forward to work with in the future! What I nearly forgot to mention – it was a really cool idea to create t-shirts about our NGOs instead of posters, as we can keep those as memory and even use them again for further projects.“ (Nina) 

KeepCalm! – 10 days left :)

Wow, time passes really fast… Our next project, KeepCalm!, is starting in 10 days already! You surely want to know what kind of project it is and what it’s all about 🙂 
It’s going to be a  training course, based on conflict management in everyday life situations and even more on those appearing in youth work. The focus will be put on strategies and techniques for conflict resolution, but also on how to use language efficiently for mediation. Another part will focus on the roots of conflicts but also intercultural exchange. „KeepCalm!” has the goal to teach youth workers how to react to conflicts and how to resolve them in an efficient way. Moreover, the participants will learn how to pass on their new knowledge to their coworkers.

As the beginning of this great week comes closer, we are getting more and more excited. You are curious now who we are? Well, the team that worked the last months to make this possible… 

Alexander Tscharre, Austria, organizer
“I was introduced to the Erasmus+ projects by wEUnite and they gave me an amazing view over the field of youth work and all it varieties. I want to change something in this world, especially for the youth, all the young people who are forsaken by society should get another chance and I want to give it to them. All of the different tools I’ve learned on my TCs so far and the ones I’ll learn in future will support me and help me to do my work with youth. In addition I got a view behind the scenes of an Erasmus+ project and the opportunity to involve in the organization of projects and I love it, I always give 200% for and during a project so you can enjoy it and have a good time.”
Studies: Paedagogical and Educational Science
Hobbies: Spending leisure time with friends, Youth projects, making videos, Music, Reading, Traveling

Nina-Bianca Anranter, Austria, trainer and organizer
“Thanks to the possibility of witnessing the world through numerous youth exchanges and training courses that I took part in, I developed myself a lot and learnt things that no school or university could have offered. Two years ago my colleague Kerstin and I decided to pass on our knowledge and give young people the chance to become more active. Organizing projects and being a trainer makes me happy as I always see people having fun, learn and grow.”
Studies: Teacher training programme English/Catholic Religion
Hobbies: Reading, Sports, Youth projects

Krzysztof Bruzgul, Poland, trainer
“With formal education in the field of pedagogy and three years in the field of non-formal education as a project participant, group leader, trainer and coordinator, my passion lies in education.”
My studies directed towards language, English and its philology, I specialized towards teaching this language as a second language. So, I am an English teacher by my education.
         My hobbies are wide and broad, for I am interested in a lot of things, but above all I value great stories. Listening, watching, reading or living through them

Kerstin Ess, Austria, trainer

“Taking part in youth projects for five years now made me a better person who wants to share those experiences. I wish for everyone to create such memories and great mind opening happenings. Cultural exchange opens not only your perception of others but also takes a great part in self-development.”
Studies: Meadia and Convergence Management

My hobbies are various, but what I prefer to do is travelling as it usually combines all my favorite activities.

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A roadtrip through Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Czech Republic and Italy!

As we were extremely busy travelling through all countries we barely had time to write about our cultural experience. It would be boring to list all the facts and figures, so we decided to ask around and give you some quotes and impressions by our participants 🙂

„It was very nice to get to know so many new things about Estonia and I found so many similarities between our nations. From what I have heard at the cultural night I can even imagine to live there some day.“ – Paula, 21, Poland

„My favorite cultural evening was the Estonian one. They had some really delicious food, showed us a nice traditional dance and their presentations were great! The self-deprecation with the tourist guide video was hilarious. Also, they made me fall in love with Estonia!“ – Alex, 20, Austria

„Lithuanian night was great – I enjoyed it so much! I like the fact about the most difficult language and about their passion for basketball. Of course I enjoyed the food they offered as well, it was just awesome and delicious!“ – Michal, 24, Czech Republic
(This participant, Michal, is a mystery to everyone else on the training course… We are not sure whether he is Czech, Italian or Polish, maybe Austrian, as he was part of all those cultural nights. If anyone knows more – contact us!)

„I really appreciate the richness of details, food and music, and also the traditional dresses! Turkey is really an amazing place, full of history and culture. A great mix of ethnies! I am charmed by this country and would love to visit it some day.“ – Federica, 24, Italy

„It was awesome to see the next country which has so many interesting things to offer. Yet again I was 
amazed and charmed. Next year I will visit the Czech Republic for sure!“ – Adam, 24, Poland 

I wasn’t aware that different cultures bring so many different aspects with it. I learned how to use hand gestures to underline the things being said. This was mostly brought to us by the Italians.“ – Manuel, 21, Austria

SpeakUp! and welcome to Villach

After hours, days, weeks and months of hard work, the busy bees of wEUnite were waiting in Villach for their participants from Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey to arrive in Villach in order to start our first training course SpeakUp!

                                (Tini, Alex, Maria, Nina, Manuel, Rainer)

We are really happy that all participants found their way and were full of energy for our first workshop sessions.

Last evening and today we already built a group, who works unbelievably good and fast together. As the two trainers (Manuel and Nina) say: „This is the best group ever! It’s amazing to work with them.“

And the day isn’t over yet – our Austrian team is preparing a presentation for the first cultural night…everyone is curious!

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