wEUnite in Luxembourg!

wEUnite in Luxembourg!

“How to plan a Youth Exchange” was the  title of the project. So basically how can an individual like me (Pato) create their own project. It was an amazing and useful experience! 

The project start was on the 6th of December and ended on the 9thof December. Funfact: My birthday is on the 8th so I also got the chance to spend my birthday in another country with completely unknown people. As my flight arrived in Luxembourg very early I had a couple of hours to discover the city. What a beautiful capital, I tell you!

In the afternoon I met all the people from the project. It was very exciting to hear many ideas for new projects on our way to the Youth Hostel already. The Youth Hostel was located an one-hour drive away from Luxembourg city in a beautiful little town called Befort.

Throughout the days we learned a lot about how to put an idea on paper and what is important to mention. Basically “Why is your idea helpful for your environment?”. But not only topics like “the Application Sheet” or “international Partnership” were important. Getting to know what is the main idea behind Erasmus +, international relations and creating new partnerships were some highly important topics as well.

In the end I also had the pleasure to celebrate my 23rd birthday with amazing people from all over Europe – and the best part: I even got a birthday cake!
 Thank you Erasmus+ and wEUnite for this opportunity! I would definitely recommend everyone to take part in a project like this 🙂

Yours, Pato