Marion & Konrad

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What’s the story morning glory?
My name is Marion and I am definitely not a glory in the morning. I am 21 years old and currently studying Transcultural Communication at the University of Graz. This sounds way more exciting than it actually is, I am basically just learning English, Russian, and French as a part of my degree. I like trees, potatoes, wine and reading books. Somehow I’d love to say that I am an active person but truth be told I also enjoy my sofa.

What do you like about Youth Projects?
First of all, the people that you get to meet there. With different people from different countries and cultures it can never get boring. I personally really like language-barrier problems because I think it’s interesting to try and understand how they happen. Youth projects are also a nice way to escape everyday life and especially formal education. It is great to see that things can be done differently and that the learning outcomes are amazing either way just because of the people that are amazing! The travelling part is also lovely.

What have I experienced by taking part in YPs?
I had wanted to participate in a Youth Exchange forever and I’m so glad I finally did it. I have learned many things about myself, especially how to kick myself in the behind. There is no time to be lazy during a YP and I think that’s great. Getting out of your routine and being able to experience new things is cool too. It makes you stop thinking about petty little problems that you might have in your everyday life and enjoy everything more.

Why am I part of wEUnite? / Who told me about it?
Nina told me about a Youth Exchange she wanted to participate in and asked me if I was interested as they were still looking for participants. I was interested, took part in said Youth Exchange and don’t regret it one bit. :)

my name is Konrad and I am 23 yrs old. I am currently studying Slavic Studies at the University of Vienna. I am also living in the best city on this planet: Vienna :). I am a pretty lazy and comfy person. Furtheremore I do not like to write about myself, I rather talk:

What do I like about Youth Projects?
I mean it is a great way to connect young people all around Europe and to exchange thoughts and ways of living. Actually, you are able to learn so much about other cultures and to talk about different topics. You would never be able to do so in your daily routine. 

What have I experienced by taking part in YPs?
I have met some awsome people and the non formal education was something really new and cool for me. In addition to that I was able to escape my daily routine and to do something new in a city I had never been before for nearly no money at all.

Why am I part of wEUnite? / Who told me about it?
Nina, one of the founders, asked me if I am interested and I just said yes, it was totally worth it :)

wEUnite is a youth organization found in 2014. Our main aim is to organize and take part in as many youth projects and exchanges as possible to give young people the opportunity to learn for life, see the world and create social contacts and friendships throughout Europe.


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