Explore and show Vienna!

Explore and show Vienna!

On tuesday, november 1st, 2016, Sigita, a new friend from Latvia had a stop in our beautiful capital Vienna on her way to the Youth Exchange „I feel good“ in Croatia. She started with a Free Walking Tour where I first met her. Not only for her, but also for me, it was nice to hear interesting and even unknown facts and stories about my home town. As many other people, I never did a tour in my own home town; I mean I did, but it was a long time ago, when I was still in school. Hence, I enjoyed getting my mind refreshed. After this tour we met Pato and Manuel and continued with a private tour of Schönbrunn. The weather was just perfect and we really had a great time. I am looking forward to show my beautiful city to many friends from abroad.

What Sigita said about her short cultural visit in Vienna:

I arrived in Vienna just after the Halloween evening and one of the first things that came down the street was literally – death. Ouh, welcome, welcome! 😀 But to be honest, I enjoyed the beautiful Vienna architecture, statues, fountains and fantastic autumn colors so much! After two more or less successful explanations on the phone, where I am, my first guide, Manuel, however managed to find me and later his friends joined us, at the end of a free tour. In the metro to Schönbrunn, they suddenly pulled out little notes with compliments and made lot of jokes, how to say non-compliments, it was very funny. At our destination, Schönbrunn Castle, they gave notes to people, it was very nice 🙂. 

Thank you guys for chestnuts experiment! This was the first time I ate them. Thanks for photo session with „rain“ of autumn leaves 😉 I enjoyed to see this little piece of Vienna together with you! Thank you for discussions about procrastination, old-new ruins and that you didn’t let me get lost in metro tunnels! 🙂

Thank you Sigita for visiting and exploring Vienna! It was a lot of fun with you:D

Manuel G.