Selina - our creative head

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I'm Selina, 20 years old and study History at the University of Klagenfurt. In my free time you can barely find me without my camera – taking unexpected shots of people as well as nature and things in general. During summer I like to swim and enjoy the sun, listening to music and drawing surreal objects can also be considered as my favorite hobbies.

What do I like about youth projects?
I love to get to know the other participants and their culture during projects. To make new friends and to work against prejudices as well as getting to know new traditions are the aspects I like the most.
What have I experienced by taking part in YPs?
I got to know several foreign cultures and learned some interesting facts about traditions in other countries. Further I learned a few words in Turkish, Lithuanian and Hungarian. I experienced that it is not easy to organize a project – even though I haven't done it by myself – but observing others doing it, made me realize how much effort it is to create a great experience for youngsters.

Why am I part of wEUnite?/Who told me about it?
As my sister is one of the founders of this NGO I was one of the
first ones to hear about it, to see it being created and grow. 

Selina is the one who creates the posters for our projects - which some of you have already seen :) She's a great help with that and we don't ever want to miss her in our team.

wEUnite is a youth organization found in 2014. Our main aim is to organize and take part in as many youth projects and exchanges as possible to give young people the opportunity to learn for life, see the world and create social contacts and friendships throughout Europe.


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